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Fiddler Classic 5: The Big Picture

by Allen O'Neill

This course will teach you why Fiddler Classic 5 is useful in solving network data issues and how to approach HTTP(S) problems using Fiddler.

What you'll learn

Network Inspection is a critical part of solving many problems in web applications, including bug performance improvement, bug hunting data privacy, and security. In this course, Fiddler Classic 5: The Big Picture, you’ll learn why tools such as Fiddler exist and what problems they solve. First, you’ll explore the problem area and typical approaches used. Next, you’ll discover different use cases for network inspection technology. Finally, you’ll learn how to establish a workflow for solving network inspection issues utilizing Fiddler Classic 5. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of network inspection with Fiddler needed to confidently implement solutions involving HTTP(S) network data traffic.

About the author

Allen is a consulting engineer with a background in enterprise systems. He runs his own company specializing in systems architecture, optimisation and scaling. He is also involved in a number of start-ups. Allen is a chartered engineer, a Fellow of the British Computing Society, a Microsoft MVP and insider, and both a CodeProject and C-SharpCorner MVP. He is a regular speaker at events both locally and internationally. His core technology interests are Big Data, Data Science and Machine Learning... more

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