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Fiddler Classic 5 Fundamentals

by Daniel Stern

Fiddler 5 Classic is an application for observing and generating web traffic. This course will teach you how to observe and generate web traffic using Fiddler 5 to develop and troubleshoot web applications.

What you'll learn

All non-trivial web applications use a variety of complex techniques that allow users to interact with and authenticate themselves with your app using HTTP and REST. But how do you develop, analyze, and troubleshoot the network requests applications make? In this course, Fiddler 5 Classic Fundamentals, you’ll learn to develop and debug applications by observing and generating web traffic using Fiddler. First, you’ll explore observing traffic with Fiddler, using the Inspector Panel to identify and report bugs. Next, you’ll discover HTTPS Network traffic, and how to use Fiddler to decrypt and analyze it, allowing debugging of many more applications. Finally, you’ll learn how to generate network traffic, allowing Fiddler to be used to develop applications and validate use cases. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Fiddler needed to observe, generate, and analyze basic traffic, and integrate with more advanced fiddler workflows with minimal training.

About the author

Daniel Stern is a coder, web developer and programming enthusiast from Toronto, Ontario, where he works as a freelance developer and designer. Daniel has been working with web technologies since the days of the dial-up, and is especially keen on JavaScript, CSS, Angular, React and TypeScript. Over the course of his work as an open-source developer, he's created many community-standards web tools including Angular Audio and Range.CSS. His tool, Range.CSS, was featured in a guest article on CSS-T... more

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