Fiddler Everywhere 3: The Big Picture

by Karoly Nyisztor

This course will teach you the value Fiddler brings to anyone who develops or tests web applications, and you’ll learn about the problems it solves.

What you'll learn

How test your web application is just as important as how you develop your app. In this course, Fiddler Everywhere 3: The Big Picture, you'll gain the ability to see Fiddler as more than just a tool for web developers.

First, you'll explore how web debugging differs from other forms of software bug hunting, and you'll look at how Fiddler has grown and changed over the years.

Next, you'll get a tour of Fiddler's UI and discover the features that make this tool such a valuable asset.

Then, you'll take a look at Fiddler's competitors. Fiddler is not the only tool of its kind, so it's important to understand how it stacks up.

Finally, you'll learn about a few tips on getting the most out of Fiddler Everywhere. You'll see how to capture traffic from mobile devices and what other resources are available if you want to delve deeper into Fiddler and web debugging.

When you're finished with this course, you'll know why Fiddler Everywhere is such a valuable piece of software for anyone who works with the web and how to leverage its features to your advantage.

About the author

Károly Nyisztor is a professional software engineer, instructor, and author. So far, he has inspired over 150,000 students worldwide. As an instructor, he aims to share his more than 25 years of software development expertise and change the lives of students throughout the world. He's passionate about helping people reveal hidden talents and guide them into the world of startups and programming. Karoly has worked for companies like Apple, Siemens, and SAP. As a software architect, he has desi... more

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