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File Storage Using AWS S3 and Glacier: Developer Deep Dive

by Fabien Ruffin

Get started with storage on Amazon Web Services using AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) and AWS Glacier. You'll learn how to best take advantage of AWS's storage service as well as their incredible scale to take your applications to the next level.

What you'll learn

Finding the best way to store, manage, and distribute data has always been challenging. From application data to databases, images, logs, backups, user generated content, etc. developers always find ourselves in need of more storage. In this course, File Storage Using AWS S3 and Glacier: Developer Deep Dive, you'll learn how to take advantage of Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service and Glacier to solve most of those challenges. First, you'll learn how to provision a bucket and uploading files to S3 and how to deliver and retrieve those objects. Next, you'll learn about automating maintenance with Lifecycle Policies and how to archive and restore objects from cold storage with Glacier. Finally, you'll learn about versioning objects and will learn about cross-region replication. By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding about the different classes of storage available to you.

About the author

Fabien has been in the web development industry for over eight years, all of them working with Microsoft technologies. More recently, he has been busy building microservices in .Net and is passionate about continuous delivery and automation.

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