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One Size Does Not Fit All: Find the Job You Want

by Nate Taylor

Tired of landing in the same job with a different boss every 2-3 years? This course will talk about some strategies that will put you in control of your job search, and find a job you actually want.

What you'll learn

It's not uncommon for developers to get frustrated with a job and look for a new place to work, and after being there for a while, realize some of the same problems exist at that job. They're faced with the dilemma of either sticking it out, or looking for a new job. This course strives to identify the issues with the typical job search and provide some solutions to those. We'll look at customizing a resume to make sure it provides the message you want. We'll also look at ways to bypass HR Filters and get in front of the people that make the hiring decision.

About the author

Nate's first program was written in QBasic on an 8086 clone his dad built. Since then he's written applications in C++, .NET, and Node.js. He spent the first 12 years of his career writing Windows applications before transitioning to write applications for the web. Regardless of the language or type of application he's written, he strives for writing clean, testable, and maintainable code. In addition to his day job as a developer, Nate also enjoys speaking at various conferences. He will typica... more

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