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Firebase Fundamentals

by Joe Eames

In this course, we will learn the fundamentals of working with Firebase from a web front end, so that you can take advantage of not only it's blazing fast data storage capabilities, but also it's simple API.

What you'll learn

Firebase is a real-time NoSQL Backend as a Service. Owned and supported by Google, it supports anything from small, quick demos, to large enterprise-scale applications. This course focuses not just on how to use Firebase, but the more important topic of correctly modeling your data to make the most of the service. In this course, you will build a full application, starting from a simple relational data model and slowly migrating into a full NoSQL-optimized design, while learning all of the features of Firebase, and how to effectively leverage them.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

Joe began his love of programming on an Apple III in BASIC. Although his preferred language is JavaScript, he has worked professionally with just about every major Microsoft language. He is currently a consultant and full time author for Pluralsight. Joe has always had a strong interest in education, and has worked both full and part time as a technical teacher for over ten years. He is a frequent blogger and speaker, organizer of ng-conf, the AngularJS conference (, and a paneli... more

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