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IT Governance and Management: First Steps

by Chris Ward

Everyone involved in IT from the operational level to strategic management level should understand the need for IT Governance and IT Service Management. This course takes learners through the basic concepts and frameworks available.

What you'll learn

Understanding the need for IT Governance and IT Service Management is crucial, however, with all of the certifications and frameworks out there, where do you direct your training and learning in this field? In this course, IT Governance and Management: First Steps, you will learn foundational knowledge of what IT Governance and IT Service Management is all about. First, you will learn about the world of IT and digital transformation. Next, you will discover what people mean about business agility and how project management helps organizations in ITSM. Finally, you will explore the most popular standards and frameworks in IT Service Management and IT Governance. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to continue your journey in taking your organization further in the world of digital transformation and IT Governance.

Table of contents

Course Overview
Introducing the World of IT and Digital Transformation
Building the Backbone of a Framework: IT Governance and ITSM
Speed and Accuracy: Introducing Business Agility to Project Management
Who’s Running This Show? Key Standards and Institutions

About the author

Chris Ward has always loved teaching people cool stuff. He graduated with a degree in radio and television production with a minor in theater in order to be a better communicator. While teaching at the Arizona Radio and Television Broadcasting Academy, Chris was able to do voiceover work at a technical training company specializing in live online classes in Microsoft, Cisco, and Comptia technologies. Over the years, he became one of the top virtual instructors at several training companies, whil... more

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