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Force.com Design Patterns - Part 1

by Adam Purkiss

Learn about common (and not-so-common) design patterns on the Force.com platform, with in-depth tutorials of actual applications

What you'll learn

Force.com is a powerful platform, complete with a full-fledged programming language, Apex, on par with Java and C#. As a Force.com developer, it is important to understand when to turn to Apex, and what problems are best solved using programmatic solutions. This course delves into many different patterns and scenarios where using Apex is critical, including bulk processing, trigger patterns, wrappers and collections, and working with queues. With a good understanding of these patterns you will have the confidence to fearlessly go forth and develop industrial-strength applications on the Force.com platform.

Table of contents

About the author

Adam Purkiss is Principal Architect at MondayCall Solutions in San Francisco and has been recognized by Salesforce as a Force.com MVP. He spends most of his time designing and developing software in Apex and Visualforce and has been deeply involved in the Force.com community since 2008. Adam continues to engage with the community by leading the Bay Area Salesforce Developer User Group in San Francisco.

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