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Forecast Answers for Waterfall Project Questions

by Eliska Elaine Que

This course will teach you techniques to forecast answers for Waterfall project questions.

What you'll learn

Despite the popularity of Agile in the software development world, a lot of companies still benefit from Waterfall model. And in the software management model where all details have to be signed off upfront, it is specially challenging to commit to scope, cost and estimation. In this course, Forecast Answers to Waterfall Project Questions, you’ll learn how to anticipate the problems and effectively use forecasting to provide the answers. First, you’ll learn about the pros and cons of using Waterfall for project management, as well as the challenges it faces in software development estimation. Next, you’ll discover what needs to be estimated and by when as we go over each stages in Waterfall. Finally, you’ll learn how to use Monte Carlo Simulation and the Delphi Method to help calculate cost and schedule estimates. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills in knowledge of forecasting answers to Waterfall project questions.

About the author

Eliska has more than a decade of managerial experience in the software industry, working on mobile applications, web, and backend projects - from instant messaging, micro-blogging, to eCommerce and logistics products. She has extensive experience in the start-up industry, doing both product and project management and was a part of the pioneer team that launched an eCommerce business in Singapore to 3 more countries in Asia in just 6 months. She had her share of working for multinational companie... more

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