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Foundations of Business Analytics

by Thomas LeBlanc

This course will be an introduction to business analytics by discussing the foundation through real-world use cases.

What you'll learn

Being able to turn raw data into useful insights is the very purpose of business analytics. In the course, Foundations of Business Analytics, you’ll gain the ability to understand the type of analytics - descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive. First, you’ll explore the importance of using business analytics to solve business problems while understanding its limitations. Next, you’ll discover the tools available for analytics including applications, statistical packages, as well as programming languages. Finally, you’ll dive into the quality challenges while profiling, cleansing, and validating the data. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of business analytics needed to determine actionable insights and decision-making at your organization.

About the author

Thomas LeBlanc (Microsoft Data Platform MVP) is a Data Enthusiast in Baton Rouge, La. He started his IT career as a COBOL programmer in 1989 while at LSU. Since then he has spent years as a developer, DBA and Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence Architect. Community involve includes the local SQL Server and Analytics User Groups as well as SQLSaturday. Speaking engagements have been a blessing at SQL Pass Summit, Live 360, VSLive and IT Dev Connections.

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