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Scrapping Your Scrappy Research Process for Scale: Front 2019

by Front

Front UX & Product Management Case Study Conference | Scrapping Your Scrappy Research Process for Scale | Danielle Green

What you'll learn

In Danielle Green's talk, you'll learn how (and when) to say goodbye to your scrappy research culture in favor of a rigorous research process to support a scaling business. Like most aspects of product and development, research looks very different at a startup compared to an enterprise business. Comparisons can be made of research practices at different sized companies, but how does the transition actually happen? How do you know when it is time to move from one research approach to another? This presentation will address how to tell which research stage best fits your business, and what you need to do to level-up your research when the time is right. The story of Jane can help you anticipate how a team navigates these large-scale process changes to become a research powerhouse on the other side.

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Scrapping Your Scrappy Research Process for Scale

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