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Who Will Build the Next Million Products: Front 2019

by Front

Front UX & Product Management Case Study Conference | Who Will Build the Next Million Products | Vlad Magdalin

What you'll learn

Since the inception of the internet, the practice of bringing new products to market has involved an intricate dance between product managers, designers, and software engineers – so much so that thousands of companies and services have sprung up from making the interface between design and development more efficient. But what if we pause, take a step back, and ask ourselves: could there be a radically new way that we can approach creating products that will make it easier for 100X as many people to bring their product ideas to life? Vlad Magdalin's conference session will explore the rich history of other creative industries (like 3D animation and digital publishing) to gain inspiration for how we can completely rethink and transform today’s product design and development practices.

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Who Will Build the Next Million Products

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Front is the product conference for UX designers and product managers. It's a practitioner’s conference. Attendees come for an education, real world, from-the-trenches case studies, and hands-on training from their peers.

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