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Slaying Giants: Front 2019

by Front

Front UX & Product Management Case Study Conference | Slaying Giants | Jeff Whitlock

What you'll learn

Every company has a different process for making product decisions. What to build? What not to build? In what order? How to build it? How does it work? Startups have less money, talent, and expertise than established companies, but they sometimes win. How? Speed and flexibility. Decision making is a critical ingredient in a startup’s speed and flexibility. In this presentation, Jeff Whitlock will explore key lessons of product decision making at startups and provide ideas for how you can implement these lessons at established companies.

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Slaying Giants

About the author

Front is the product conference for UX designers and product managers. It's a practitioner’s conference. Attendees come for an education, real world, from-the-trenches case studies, and hands-on training from their peers.

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