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F# Functional Data Structures

by Kit Eason

This course describes the important data structures - especially collections - available in F#, together with the functions which F# provides for working with them.

What you'll learn

F# and .NET provide you with a wealth of data structures and collections for storing and manipulating data. This course identifies these structures and the functions which F# provides to work with them, including arrays, lists, and sequences. By the end of the course you'll know how to write idiomatic, maintainable programs which solve complex problems with simple code.

Table of contents

About the author

Kit is a senior software developer for an energy trading systems provider. He has also developed software for automotive engineering companies, universities, energy suppliers, banks, and financial services companies. Kit has run many educational and training courses, including evening classes, women's electronics classes and CNC training for engineers. Kit is a regular speaker at SkillsMatter in London, and at various conferences and meetups. He works mainly in F# and C# and normally speaks on ... more

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