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F# Fundamentals

by Liam McLennan

Learn the fundamentals and the advanced topics of .NET's only functional-first programming language.

What you'll learn

F# continues the grand tradition of ML style functional programming languages, adding the power of the .NET runtime (CLR) and base class library. F# is an excellent general purpose language that extends the capabilities of C# with type providers, immutable data, structural equality, type inference, and a powerful type system. This course covers everything you need to get started with F# and functional programming.

About the author

Liam is a technology leader, engineering manager and product delivery expert. He helps organizations to develop effective technology strategy, then implement that strategy to achieve their objectives. Other major interests are optimizing the impact of software delivery and building cross-functional, high-performance teams. He is currently a Principal Consultant for product development consulting company Readify. Previously, he was Chief Technology Officer of an online media and travel company ... more

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