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Functional JavaScript Libraries Playbook

by David Mann

This course is about exploring some popular functional JavaScript libraries and seeing what they’re all about. We’re heavy on demo and light on slides. If you aren’t familiar with functional tenets, we cover them right at the beginning.

What you'll learn

Developers tend to come across functional programming (FP) as they gain more experience and are looking for ways to write cleaner, more maintainable code. Unfortunately, over the last few years, "Functional JavaScript Development" has taken on a shiny-object status. Lots of articles are being written about it and it's approaching a religious fervor - either for it or against it. That leaves people who just want to know what it's all about, and if it can help them with their programming tasks, stuck in the middle. If you haven’t specifically done functional development, I would bet that you’ve been impacted by it, and have probably even written some functional code, even if you didn’t know it. Functional code is predictable, modular and easier to reason about. That doesn't mean it's perfect, though, or right for every situation. In this course, Functional JavaScript Libraries Playbook, you'll learn some of the popular functional JavaScript libraries and seeing what they’re all about. This course will be heavy on demos and as light on slides as I could get away with. First, you'll discover functional tenets like pure functions, currying and composition. Next, you'll explore how these libraries work inside your React, Vue, or Angular projects or really any JavaScript code you’re writing with any framework, other libraries, or just plain vanilla JavaScript. By the end of this course, you’ll have been exposed to six libraries and gotten a good look at what they provide and how they might help you write better code. Before beginning the course, you should be familiar with JavaScript development, but you don’t need to have any functional programming experience as the course includes what is likely the world’s fastest functional programming overview right up front, with code and pretty pictures and everything you need to get started.

Table of contents

Course Overview
Using Functional Libraries in Popular Frameworks

About the author

Dave is the co-founder and CTO of Heirloom Software, a start-up using technology (including user-experience design, application development and big-data disciplines) to revolutionize the family-history and genealogy world. He has been "working with computers" for over 20 years, is an 11-time Microsoft MVP, and full-stack web developer, trainer and author focusing on JavaScript, NodeJS, document DBs and C#. He presents regularly at both technical and genealogy conferences.

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