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Functional Programming with Clojure

by Phil Hagelberg and Rich Hickey

You've heard about functional programming. You want to write efficient programs that maximize current hardware. This Clojure course is the place to start! You'll also learn about Lisp, one of the foundational programming languages of the modern computer era.

What you'll learn

Clojure is a dynamic functional programming language designed to be as approachable as scripting languages, yet harness the power of multi-core machines in the manner of more cryptic languages such as Erlang. In this course, Clojure expert Phil Hagelberg walks through the stages of building a multi-user text adventure game (code available). It's the perfect project to learn about the basics of Clojure while having a fun time doing it, too.

About the authors

Phil Hagelberg works from his home in Seattle as well as various cafes around the city. He is best known for his contributions to the Clojure and Emacs ecosystems; primarily the Leiningen project automation tool and the Emacs Starter Kit. He enjoys exploring obscure programming languages and roasting coffee.

Rich Hickey is the creator of

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