Functional Programming with C#

by Dave Fancher

Learn how to take advantage of several functional programming techniques including immutability, higher-order functions, and functional pipelining within your existing C# projects.

What you'll learn

You've probably heard about the benefits that functional programming can bring to your applications, but did you know you can apply many of the same techniques in C#? Did you know that you're probably already using some of them? In this course, you'll learn how to use C# as a functional language by taking advantage of immutability, delegation, generics, and extension methods. You'll even see how these techniques can enhance the usefulness of several of the features introduced in C# 6. Through careful application of these techniques you'll be writing more concise, predictable code with fewer defects in no time.

About the author

Dave is a developer, speaker, blogger, Microsoft MVP for Visual F#, and the author of The Book of F#.

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