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Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming in Java

by Maurice Naftalin

This course will teach you the ideas that lie behind the Java language and libraries. At the end, you will understand the principles and basic patterns of object-orientation, and you'll be ready to start writing your own object-oriented programs.

What you'll learn

You need more than knowledge of the Java language and the core libraries to write good programs. In this course, Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming in Java, you will meet the ideas behind the language and libraries, and you will learn how to design and write your own object-oriented programs. First, you will learn how object-oriented analysis and design enable you to identify the classes in your system. Next, you will discover how to use encapsulation to build systems resilient to changing requirements. Finally, you will explore the different inheritance mechanisms that allow you to build reusable and extensible software. When you have finished this course, you will be well started on the path to becoming an accomplished object-oriented designer and programmer.

About the author

Maurice Naftalin has four decades experience in the software industry as a developer, designer, and architect. He is a Java Champion, a three-times JavaOne Rockstar, and author or co-author of two Java books: "Java Generics and Collections", and "Mastering Lambdas". Over the last twenty years he has trained thousands of students in intermediate and advanced Java topics.

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