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Fusion 360 - Biomedical Design

by Matt Perez and Christopher Castle

The already-large market for medical devices in the United States is growing at an increasingly steady rate. In this course, you will learn how to design medical devices that comply with all federal standards using Fusion 360. Software required: Fusion 360.

What you'll learn

While other industries continue to decline, the market for medical devices in the United States continues to steadily grow. Because of this, it's important than ever to have the skills to get jobs in the medical device field. This course, Fusion 360 - Biomedical Design, will cover intermediate to advanced Fusion 360 tools that will allow designers to create the complex shapes required in medical device design. First you will learn of the FDA's "Innovation Pathway" that is used to approve medical devices. Then, you will learn about advanced organic shapes, hybrid modeling, FEA simulation, and prototyping. Finally, you will learn best practices in terms of CAD modeling and documentation that will streamline the entire process when working with organic geometry. Upon completion of this course, you will have the experience that medical device companies are looking for in their employees, and the skills needed to execute on the job. Software required: Fusion 360.

About the authors

Matt has over 15 years experience in Design and Fabrication across various platforms. Most recently SolidWorks and Fusion 360, but also AutoCad, Inventor, and Unigraphics as well as several CAM platforms such as Mastercam, Solidcam, and HSM works. Matt is a CSWE and well know for Complex Surfacing and Consumer Product Design. Matt has produced hundreds of hours of video content across multiple platforms and trained users individually and in group settings for the past 5 years in every aspect of ... more

Chris is the Founder & President of SolidBox, a Performance Hardware, IT Support, Project Based Training & Engineering Services company for SolidWorks, Fusion 360, Onshape, & Mastercam users across North America. He is a registered Professional Engineer and SolidWorks Elite Applications Engineer. In his spare time, Chris runs Advenduro Tours with his wife Jayme, a motorcycle & mountain bike tour guiding business based in St. George, UT. Chris is also a Commercial Pilot, and volunteers for Angel ... more

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