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Security for Hackers and Developers: Fuzzing

by Dr. Jared DeMott

Fuzzing is a critical part of the security development lifecycle. This particular technique is used by hackers to find bugs. In this course, software makers will learn how to fuzz - before the bad guys do.

What you'll learn

Bugs in software costs the economy billions of dollars each year. In this course, Security for Hackers and Developers: Fuzzing, you are going to turn the tide by learning how to find and fix critical bugs quicker. Hackers have long used a technique called fuzzing to find bugs and software makers must do the same. First, you'll learn about mutation and generation fuzzing. Next, you'll explore monitoring, parallel fuzzing, and in-memory fuzzing. Finally, the course will wrap up with you learning about feedback fuzzing. By the end this course, you'll know how to fuzz programs in multiple ways. You'll know the pros and cons of each technique, and be able to make wise choices for your security program.

About the author

Dr. Jared DeMott is an engineer, entrepreneur, and security leader. DeMott previously served as a vulnerability analyst with the NSA. He holds a PhD from Michigan State University. He regularly speaks on cyber matters at conferences like RSA, DerbyCon, BlackHat, ToorCon, GrrCon, HITB, etc. He was a finalist in Microsoft’s BlueHat prize contest, which helped make Microsoft customers more secure. Dr. DeMott has been on three winning Defcon capture-the-flag teams, and has been an invited lecturer ... more

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