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Apr 13, 2015
3h 29m

In this MODO and Substance Designer tutorial, we'll look at how to create game interiors using those two programs and Unreal Engine. We'll start off using MODO to quickly create high-poly meshes using a variety of techniques including Mesh Fusion, profiles, and presets. We'll look at the key differences between using tiling textures and unique props and create examples of both. Once our high-poly meshes are complete, we'll create low-poly and game-ready versions of our work using MODO's topology tools, UV everything, and discuss smoothing groups as they relate to Unreal Engine. From there, we'll go into Substance Designer and create a template for our textures that we can apply to all of the objects in our scene. Finally, we'll finish this MODO and Substance Designer training by exporting everything for use in Unreal Engine and set up a quick scene with some basic lighting. Software required: MODO 801, Substance Designer 5, Unreal Engine 4.7.

About the author
About the author

Justin has been in the video game industry as an Environment Artist since 2008.