GatsbyJS: The Big Picture

by Marcelo Pastorino

Gatsby is a React-based open source framework for creating static websites and web applications. This course will show you everything you need to know to understand and evaluate this amazing technology.

What you'll learn

There are many ways to build websites and web applications nowadays.

GatsbyJS is an opinionated open source framework based on React that offers performance, scalability, and security out of the box.

In this course, GatsbyJS: The Big Picture, you’ll learn everything there is to know to understand and evaluate this amazing technology.

First, you’ll explore the building blocks of the JAMStack architecture and GatsbyJS.

Next, you’ll discover how easy it is to start creating new projects with Gatsby and discover GatsbyJS code syntax and conventions.

Finally, you’ll learn about Gatsby’s tooling and fantastic ecosystem.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll understand GatsbyJS building blocks and be able to determine whether this technology is the right fit for your next project.

About the author

Marcelo has 18 years professional experience solving business problems by architecting solutions and developing software for the web, cloud, and mobile using C#, .NET Framework and .NET Core, Azure, Xamarin, JavaScript and modern front-end frameworks among other technologies. He is a passionate and pragmatic developer who sold his first piece of software at age 16. A fan of clean code and best practices, Marcelo started coding for fun in the early 90's in an old IBM 8086 XT. Since then Marcelo... more

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