Consuming Data with GatsbyJS

by Marcelo Pastorino

Learn how to get data from various data sources in GatsbyJS. This course will teach you how to consume data from a WordPress back-end, a headless CMS, external GraphQL and REST APIs and to acquire and display data at run-time instead of build-time.

What you'll learn

GatsbyJS is much more than a static site generator. In this course, Consuming Data with GatsbyJS, you'll learn how to acquire data from various data sources and consume it within a GatsbyJS site. First, you’ll see how to source data from WordPress back-ends and headless CMS systems. Next, you’ll discover how to acquire data from external GraphQL and REST APIs. Finally, you’ll learn how to consume data at run-time instead of build-time and displaying it in your page using hydration. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to source structured and unstructured data in GatsbyJS at build-time and run-time from various data sources.

About the author

Marcelo has 18 years' experience architecting solutions and developing software for the web, cloud, and mobile using C#, .NET/Core, Azure, Xamarin, JavaScript and modern front-end frameworks.

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