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Pivotal GemFire Developer

by Pivotal Education

This course will teach you how to build both client and server side GemFire applications.

What you'll learn

Designed for developers and architects, this course teaches students how to install, configure and monitor the GemFire in-memory data grid. The course begins with GemFire installation and general configuration. It continues with using the GemFire APIs to develop Java applications. The course also delves into more advanced deployment strategies and advanced configuration. This course includes all self-paced videos, lab instructions, and lab installers (located "Exercise Files" tab upon enrolling). Lab exercises are self-paced and in addition to the total duration of the course. Ready to prove your skills? Enroll in the GemFire Developer Certification Exam and checkout the complete portfolio of GemFire training offerings by visiting pivotal.io/training

Table of contents

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