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Generating HTML5 Layouts Using Photoshop

by Peter Shaw

A short introduction to using Photoshop's slice tools to create HTML5 output

What you'll learn

A short introduction that takes the viewer from a graphic asset created using Photoshop, and shows them how to slice it up and produce an HTML5 ready, reusable asset that can be included in any web project.

About the author

Peter will openly admit to being a typical geek. He's been known to say, "If it's shiny, electrical and has blinking lights on it, then it attracts me like a magpie to jewelry." He has been doing I.T. in one form or another for the best part of 30 years. Peter writes software, creates artwork, produces 3D models and many other things. He is the UK & Europe group manager for one of the largest .NET user groups (Lidnug) on the internet. Most importantly, he gets to do what he loves for a living: ... more

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