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Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence for Business

by Pratheerth Padman

This course aims to give you a firm understanding of the basics of artificial intelligence (AI) and its importance to your business.

What you'll learn

Artificial intelligence (AI) in business involves the use of software and algorithms with the capabilities to boost revenue, increase productivity, and improve customer experiences. In this course, Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence for Business, you will learn everything from what AI actually is to how it is being used by businesses the world over. First, you will be taken through the "whats" and "whys" of AI, followed by the different kinds of AI. Next, you’ll discover the different kinds of technologies that are currently being used in the industry, including machine learning, deep learning, and reinforcement learning. Finally, you’ll see how AI is used in businesses everywhere for a wide variety of reasons including monetary and strategic advantages, and explore both the ethical and the practical challenges of using AI in your business. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a firm grasp on AI and its possibilities in a business.

About the author

Pratheerth is a Data Scientist who has entered the field after an eclectic mix of educational and work experiences. He has a Bachelor's in Engineering in Mechatronics from India, Masters in Engineering Management from Australia and then a couple of years of work experience as a Production Engineer in the Middle East. Then when the A.I bug bit him, he dropped everything to dedicate his life to the field. He is currently working on mentoring, course creation and freelancing as a Data Scientist.

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