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Getting Started with Azure Maps 2

by Jurgen Kevelaers

Azure Maps offers geospatial services that help you create location-aware applications. This course will teach you how to easily display captivating maps, and how to use the Search REST API to look up address information.

What you'll learn

We live in a world that is GPS-driven. Tracking objects is at the core of many new businesses. What if you have to develop an application that needs to show the location of persons or assets on a map? In this course, Getting Started with Azure Maps 2, you’ll learn to use powerful geospatial capabilities in the Azure cloud to drive your location-aware web applications. First, you’ll explore the services that Azure Maps offers, to give you an idea of its potential. Next, you’ll discover how to employ the controls from the Web SDK to display objects and areas on an interactive map. Finally, you’ll learn how to use the Search REST API to look up address information. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Azure Maps needed to create map-oriented applications.

About the author

Jurgen Kevelaers is an independent software architect and developer working on scalable solutions that run in the cloud. His main focus is the Microsoft Azure and .NET ecosystem. Jurgen was involved in projects in small and large companies, in various sectors, such as education, health, maritime, meteorology, energy and security. Through his years of experience, he has developed a pragmatic approach and a thorough understanding of designing and implementing maintainable applications.

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