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Getting Started with BeEF

by Gavin Johnson-Lynn

BeEF is a tool that allows cross-site scripting vulnerabilities to be investigated and exploited with minimal technical understanding. Learn how to use BeEF to exploit XSS and highlight just how critical this vulnerability can be to a website.

What you'll learn

Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities can be seen as a small issue that allows an attacker to display dialog boxes and at worst steal cookies. BeEF allows us to demonstrate its importance by using XSS to demonstrate a wide variety of attacks, making it clear just how important it is to fix. In this course, Getting Started with BeEF, you will gain the ability to use BeEF to highlight how XSS can be used to highlight some of the possible effects of the vulnerability. First, you will learn about the types of XSS and how to use BeEF with the vulnerability. Next, you will discover how to maintain persistence on a machine that has been connected to our BeEF server. Finally, you will explore how to automate BeEF to allow vulnerabilities to be exploited without manual intervention. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to use BeEF in a penetration test to highlight the extent to which XSS can be used against anyone who visits the affected website.

About the author

Gavin has 20 years’ experience writing software in regulated environments and for global organisations. The last five years of his development career were spent with a focus on security, becoming the security lead for a significant payments project at a FTSE 100 company. He has experience with languages from COBOL to .Net and now often finds those skills useful when developing with Python. Gavin's experience of software security revealed a passion for security, leading him to become a speaker a... more

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