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Getting Started: Data Analysis with Alteryx

In this course you will learn the features of Alteryx, how to source in data, massage data, and generate dashboards out of data.

What you'll learn

Alteryx is a state of the art BI solution to garner enriching insights from the dataset for a varied set of case studies. In this course, Getting Started: Data Analysis with Alteryx, you will learn how to source data, massage data, and generate dashboards as well as explore state of the art features like geo spatial for trade area analysis. First, you will explore basic data analysis and the cleansing process. Next, you will checkout how to export data in various formats which is useful for creating reports for multiple teams or departments, Finally, you will discover how to generate dashboards to garner insights for multiple teams and eventually explore features like spatial tab to assess the delivery warehouse locations, route taken, and further optimization if required to take proactive actions. By the end of this course, you will know how to do spatial analysis with the help of Alteryx.

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