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Getting Started with Office 365 Administration

by Ron Schindler

(Covers pre-2017 objectives) A quick start to Office 365 and the cloud environment. Learn how to jump right in as an administrator of your Office 365 environment.

What you'll learn

Office 365 is all you need to run your business locally or internationally. Office 365 is made up of 3 servers and multiple tools and addon software.Learn about

  • Lync server for communications
  • Exchange Server for mail services
  • SharePoint server for collaboration and for the backbone of the Office 365 environment
We take a look at how to administer each of these as well as how to administer the Office ProPlus and the powerful SkyDrive Pro.

This Office 365 admin tutorial will be breaking down all the moving pieces and how they affect users of Office 365, but more importantly, how to administer the services to give all users a great experience.

Note: this course covers pre-2017 objectives

Table of contents

Registering for your Office 365 Account
Calendar Basics in Office 365
Office 365 Administration Wrap Up

Course FAQ

What does an Office 365 administrator do?

An Office 365 administrator can add new users, remove users, buy or change licenses, create service requests, configure Office 365 services,reset passwords, and see the status of tenants.

What exactly is Office 365 made up of?

Office 365 consists of 3 servers and several tools and add-on software. The servers are Lync server, Exchange server, and SharePoint server, which help with communications, mail services, and collaboration, respectively.

What will I learn in this course?

You will learn how to start your Office 365 subscription, choose the right Office 365 plan, register and provision your account, and navigate as an administrator. You'll also learn about the Admin center, email, contacts , calendar, SkyDrive Pro, and much more.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of Office 365 administration. It is for those who want to become an administrator of their Office 365 environment to better run their business.

About the author

Ron is an experienced professional with in-depth expertise in corporate training, change management, communications, and facilitation. Skill set includes:Program Management, Change Management, SharePoint Site Administration, Project Management, Technology Infrastructure Expertise.

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