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Getting Started with Power BI

by Stacia Misner Varga

This course teaches you the basic skills required for using Power BI to acquire and transform data, enhance the data for analysis, and produce reports and dashboards.

What you'll learn

In this course, Getting Started with Power BI, you will gain a fundamental understanding of the capabilities of Power BI.

You'll start out with seeing how you can quickly and easily gather data from a variety of sources, and then cleanse and transform that data with just a few clicks.

Next, you'll also learn how you can enhance the results by integrating disparate data sources and adding simple calculations. Then, you'll learn how to explore your data with visualizations and simple dashboards.

Finally, you'll learn what steps are necessary to keep your data up-to-date.

By the end of this Power BI tutorial, you'll have a firm understanding of the basic skills required for using Power BI to acquire and transform data, enhance the data for analysis, and produce reports and dashboards.

Table of contents

Course Overview

Course FAQ

What is Power BI?

Power BI is Microsoft's business analytics service that provides interactive data visualizations and business intelligence (BI) capabilities. Run reports and build custom dashboards to get insights based on your company's data.

What are some benefits of Microsoft Power BI?

Some features of Power BI include:

  • Delivering insights at scale
  • Works with Azure data and analytics
  • Hundreds of data visualizations
  • Built-in AI capabilities
  • Prebuilt & custom data connectors
  • Data loss prevention capabilities
What will I learn in this course?

This Power BI tutorial will introduce you to Power BI, covering such topics as:

  • Viewing reports in Power BI
  • Getting data from databases, files, and the web
  • Cleaning and transforming data
  • Working with queries, rows, and columns
  • Modeling data for analysis
  • Creating relationships using Power BI Desktop
  • Enhancing, visualizing, and refreshing the data
  • Much more
Who should take this course?

Anyone who wants to learn Power BI for effective data analysis and visualization. If you want to acquire, transform, and enhance data and produce helpful reports and dashboards, then this Power BI tutorial is perfect for you.

Are there prerequisites to this course?

Nope! You don't need to have any programming or other special skills before taking this course. If you've ever worked in a spreadsheet to some extent, then you're ready for this basic Power BI tutorial.

About the author

Stacia Misner Varga is an instructor, author, and principal consultant of Data Inspirations. Her career spans more than 30 years, with a focus on improving business practices through technology. Since 2000, she has provided consulting and education services for Microsoft’s data platform and authored or co-authored many books covering this topic. In addition, Stacia has been a frequent speaker over the years at technology conferences worldwide.

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