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Getting Started as a Power BI Admin

by Thomas LeBlanc

This course will teach you administrative functions that a Power BI Admin would have to perform.

What you'll learn

Do you know where to go in the Power BI admin portal to properly control functionality with the Power BI service? In this course, Getting Started as a Power BI Admin, you’ll learn all about the role of a Power BI administrator. First, you’ll explore the functionality of Power BI. Next, you’ll discover the Power BI admin role while relating it to other admin roles. Finally, you’ll learn basic areas where the Power BI admin can affect functionality. When you're finished with this course, you’ll have the basic knowledge of the Power BI administrator role needed to select the proper employee to be in this position.

About the author

Thomas LeBlanc (Microsoft Data Platform MVP) is a Data Enthusiast in Baton Rouge, La. He started his IT career as a COBOL programmer in 1989 while at LSU. Since then he has spent years as a developer, DBA and Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence Architect. Community involve includes the local SQL Server and Analytics User Groups as well as SQLSaturday. Speaking engagements have been a blessing at SQL Pass Summit, Live 360, VSLive and IT Dev Connections.

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