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Salesforce Development: Getting Started

by Dan Appleman

Whether you have never used Salesforce at all, or are an experienced Admin who would like to learn how to use Salesforce DX (SFDX) to bring your automation development into the modern age – this course will get you started.

What you'll learn

Salesforce developers build applications using Apex code, JavaScript, and automation – workflows, processes and flows. But how do you get started – and get started doing things the right way from day one? In this course, Salesforce Development: Getting Started, you'll learn the very first steps you need to take to prepare yourself to work on the Salesforce platform. First, you’ll begin with signing up for and configuring a developer org. Next, you’ll discover the two common approaches to Salesforce development and what it means to adopt a source-based development process. Finally, you’ll get hands-on with Salesforce DX (SFDX) – the modern Software development experience that can be used by coders and admins alike. By the end of this course, you'll know the mechanics of developing on the platform, and you'll be set up to follow along with any future courses you take on Salesforce, whether it is software or declarative.

About the author

Dan Appleman is a well known author, software developer, and speaker. He is the author of numerous books, ebooks, and online courses on various topics (technology and other). His latest book is "Advanced Apex Programming" -

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