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Getting Started with EasyMock 4

by Nicolae Caprarescu

Dependencies between application classes make it difficult to write unit tests. EasyMock enables you to focus on the unit-under-test by using mocks. You’ll gain full control over the behavior of dependencies and enhance your unit testing skills.

What you'll learn

Writing unit tests is difficult because the dependencies between your application classes make it difficult to draw a boundary between what you want to test and the rest of the codebase. In this course, Getting Started with EasyMock, you will gain the ability focus to on the thing you’re trying to test by using mocks. EasyMock will provide you with full control over the behavior of your unit-under-test’s dependencies. First, you will learn how to use mock objects instead of real dependencies. Next, you will discover how to configure mocked methods, including return values and exception throwing. Finally, you will explore the concept of a partial mock and how to use it to test challenging situations. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of mocking with EasyMock needed to write any Java unit tests.

About the author

Now an independent consultant, Nicolae started his career in 2013 as a software engineer. Over the years, Nicolae worked on systems ranging from high-frequency Java trading engines to various apps for startups. Nicolae's technical roles have always been full-stack, most often focusing on Java back-ends and web-based front-ends: Java, Spring, JDBC, SQL, Maven, Gradle, TeamCity, Jenkins, TDD, JUnit, mocking, automated testing, JavaScript, Selenium and RESTful. Nicolae's technical interests include... more

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