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Introduction to GIS for Developers

by Jason Hine

Developers are using geographic information systems (GIS) to visualize, analyze, and interpret location information already present in their data. This course introduces GIS concepts, demonstrates GIS workflows in code, and explores GIS resources.

What you'll learn

There is more data flowing around the globe than ever before, and it's often challenging to discover and understand relationships, patterns, and trends in all that data.

In this course, Introduction to GIS for Developers, you'll learn how a geographic information system (GIS) can be used to reveal patterns hidden in the location information of a dataset.

  • First, you'll learn ways to find authoritative GIS data, or create your own.
  • Next, you'll explore techniques for visualizing GIS data on an interactive map.
  • After that, you'll learn ways to analyze GIS data to expose spatial relationships and trends.
  • Finally, you'll discover how sharing GIS data and apps can increase their value for solving real-world problems.
When you're finished with this GIS developer training, you'll have the skills and knowledge needed to begin harnessing the power of GIS in your own projects.

About the author

Jason Hine is a Developer Technical Lead with the training department at Esri, an international geographic information systems (GIS) software company. Jason has worked with GIS developer toolkits and custom GIS solutions since 1997, and currently specializes in Java, JavaScript, and Android. He holds a Bachelor degree in Natural Resource Management and a Spatial Information Systems minor from Colorado State University. In his spare time Jason enjoys hiking, playing disc golf, and teaching his so... more

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