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GitHub: The Big Picture

by Aaron Stewart

This course is a big picture introduction and overview of GitHub — an online, code hosting platform used for collaborating, building, shipping, and maintaining software.

What you'll learn

Most developer tool courses quickly turn into an in-depth walkthrough on how that tool works, but it’s beneficial to stay zoomed out for a minute and get a clear picture on what that tool does, why others are using it, and why you might want to use it too. In this course, GitHub: The Big Picture, you'll identify the main features and products of GitHub, how they can enhance your software development lifecycle, and lower the barrier of entry for new developers. First, you'll learn what GitHub is, and why it's being used by over 73 million developers worldwide. Next, you'll view the GitHub flow, a lightweight, branch-based workflow where deployments are made regularly, and then see how to supercharge that workflow with GitHub features. Finally, you’ll explore the main products of GitHub that improve the way you collaborate, develop, automate, and secure your software projects. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the knowledge and understanding needed to evaluate GitHub and its products for upcoming projects, or better collaborate with team members and contribute to projects already using it.

About the author

Aaron is a program architect at GitHub with a focus area in third party content. As a Git and GitHub expert, he joined GitHub as a trainer to consult and train development teams from industry leading companies on Git, GitHub and to improve their collaboration and development workflows. With a training foundation, Aaron develops content and programs for professional services at GitHub for digital transformation and thought leadership. Prior to joining GitHub, Aaron was an integration engineer at ... more

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