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GitHub Copilot Fundamentals: AI Paired Programming

by Aaron Stewart

Learn how GitHub Copilot leverages AI to enhance your coding experience and help you become a more proficient developer. Learn how to use Copilot to build games, grasp prompt engineering, and improve existing applications.

What you'll learn

In this course, GitHub Copilot Fundamentals: AI Paired Programming, you’ll learn to leverage this AI-driven coding companion for an enhanced development experience. First, you’ll explore its common use cases, understand its transformative benefits, and dive into compelling statistics that illustrate how it elevates everyday tasks for developers in the age of AI. Next, you’ll witness GitHub Copilot’s capabilities firsthand as you create the classic snake game from scratch using prompts generated by GitHub Copilot chat. You’ll then delve into the intricacies of GitHub Copilot, breaking down critical aspects like prompt engineering and the data flow, large language models, and GitHub’s commitment to security, privacy, compliance, and transparency.. Finally, you’ll put your knowledge into action by using GitHub Copilot to construct a console minigame that reinforces the concepts learned throughout the course. Upon completion of this course, you’ll possess the skills and knowledge needed to harness the capabilities of GitHub Copilot that is revolutionizing development practices in this AI-driven era.

About the author

Aaron is a program architect at GitHub with a focus area in third party content. As a Git and GitHub expert, he joined GitHub as a trainer to consult and train development teams from industry leading companies on Git, GitHub and to improve their collaboration and development workflows. With a training foundation, Aaron develops content and programs for professional services at GitHub for digital transformation and thought leadership. Prior to joining GitHub, Aaron was an integration engineer at ... more

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