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GitLab Fundamentals

by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan

GitLab is a leading DevOps platform for teams of any size. This course will teach you how to use GitLab to manage projects and ship secure and compliant apps to market quickly.

What you'll learn

GitLab helps teams of any size adopt DevOps practices for their projects to speed up software delivery to the market. In this course, GitLab Fundamentals, you’ll learn to build teams and projects on the GitLab platform to collaborate on the software development and deliver well tested and configured software to your customers. First, you’ll explore how to create repositories and group them into projects based on your business requirements. Next, you’ll discover GitLab Issues and how to manage projects and delivery milestones. Then, you'll understand how to use GitLab Issues as project boards to follow project timelines. Finally, you’ll learn how to use GitLab Auto DevOps to build and deliver the software projects using automation. You will also learn how to document your projects and release software documentation using GitLab Pages. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of DevOps with GitLab needed to manage projects using Agile methods and deploy the software to your customers.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan is a Senior Software Engineer from Rabwah, Pakistan, and likes .NET Core and Node.js for regular everyday development. He is an expert with Cloud, Mobile, and API development. Afzaal has experience with the Azure platform and likes to build cross-platform libraries/software with .NET Core. Afzaal is an Alibaba Cloud MVP, twice he has been awarded Microsoft MVP status for his community leadership in software development, five times CodeProject MVP status for technical writing... more

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