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Using GitOps to Automate Kubernetes Deployments with Flux 2

by Nigel Brown

Deploying applications to Kubernetes clusters in a reliable and repeatable manner is difficult to achieve. This course will teach you how to adopt a GitOps workflow to automate application deployments using Flux 2.

What you'll learn

Deploying applications to Kubernetes is straightforward, but reliably maintaining the integrity of application configuration from release to release is a big challenge. In this course, Using GitOps to Automate Kubernetes Deployments with Flux 2, you’ll learn how to automate and control application deployments using Flux. First, you’ll discover how Flux can be configured to automate an app deployment using Git as a single source of truth. Next, you’ll learn how to configure Flux’s image automation to update the versioned configuration whenever new container images become available. Finally, you’ll see how to use Flux’s helm controller to automate application releases based on Helm chart packaging. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the requisite knowledge of GitOps workflows, and the technical skills needed to reliably automate continuous delivery of your applications.

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About the author

Nigel is an IT professional with over 25 years of experience, gained in technical and management roles. He started his career in IT Operations, before co-founding and leading a company focused on delivering systems management solutions to some of the UK's largest companies. Recently, he has returned to his technical roots, and swapped the world of proprietary software for the open source domain. Nigel has an avid interest in the contemporary domain of microservices and container technologies. In... more

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