Go kit 0.12 Fundamentals

Welcome to the Go kit fundamentals course. This course will teach you how to construct services using mechanisms and standards provided by Go kit.

What you'll learn

Go kit helps to build services in a modular and modern way. In this course, Go kit 0.12 Fundamentals, you’ll learn to build an application service using best practices and standards. First, you’ll explore how to implement the service as a standalone unit. Next, you’ll discover how to make it production ready through logging and instrumentation. Finally, you’ll learn how to discover and call other services. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Go kit 0.12 needed to design and implement production-grade application services.

Table of contents

Course Overview
The Framework and Expectations
What Are the Challenges with Writing Services?
Reconstruct & Review Service Components
Closure & Materials

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