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Jul 16, 2020
1h 6m

While the costs associated with online advertising continuously grow year after year, businesses and developers need to make informed decisions regarding what is effective and what is not, in order for their business to thrive in a highly competitive market.

In this course, Understand a Site's Traffic Using Google Analytics, you’ll learn to use Google Analytics to evaluate your site’s traffic and make decisions that will make a measurable difference for your client, employer, or business.

First, you’ll explore the process of implementing Google Analytics, applying the necessary JavaScript code to your application, and noting the results in your Google Analytics dashboard.

Next, you’ll discover how to create campaigns, pinpointing and categorizing the source of traffic to your application.

Finally, you’ll learn how to select and analyze Google Analytics reports, including Geography and Demographics, and turn that data into action points that can improve return on investment.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Google Analytics needed to optimize your advertising campaigns, understand your audience, and guide your client and employer to greater revenue and user satisfaction.

About the author
About the author

Daniel Stern is a freelance web developer from Toronto, Ontario who specializes in Angular, ES6, TypeScript and React. His work has been featured in CSS Weekly, JavaScript Weekly and at Full Stack Conf in England.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Course Overview
Hi, everyone. My name is Daniel Stern, and welcome to my course, Understanding a Site's Traffic with Google Analytics. I'm an open source developer and author of educational content. As competition between industries grows more intense, it is more important than ever to get the maximum return possible on the traffic that visits your site. In this course, we're going to learn to set up Google Analytics and use it to analyze who our customers are, where they're coming from, and which platforms deliver the most valuable customers. Some of the major topics that we will cover include understanding and creating campaigns, gaining insights from reports and creating your own reports, setting Google Analytics up on a standard HTML website, and much more. By the end of this course, you'll know everything necessary to set Google Analytics up on any site you manage and quickly glean insights on how to make that site better. Before beginning this course, you should be familiar with basic HTML and JavaScript. I hope you'll join me on this journey to learn Google Analytics with this course, Understanding a Site's Traffic with Google Analytics here at Pluralsight.