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Getting Started with Google Play Services

by Javon Davis

The Google Play Services API provides a breadth of tools to help build out great features natively in Android Applications. This course will introduce you to the basics of implementing two of the these features: Nearby Messaging and Mobile Vision.

What you'll learn

In the past, developers had to rely upon third party, online services to offer features such as Text Detection or Barcode Scanning in their apps. In this course, Getting Started with the Google Play Services API, you’ll be introduced to these features and learn how to integrate them into your apps. First, you'll learn how to implement Nearby Messaging natively in your apps and be introduced to the code needed to send messages between Android apps that are within close proximity of each other. Then, you'll be introduced to Mobile Vision. Finally, you'll explore how to use three features available to us in the Google Play Services API: Text Detection, Barcode Detection, and Face Detection. When you’re finished with this course you’ll have the fundamental knowledge needed to offer these advanced features in the apps you build or in apps you’ve built already.

About the author

Javon has four years of experience developing Android Applications and has enjoyed watching it progress from the inclusion of the new "Holo" visual appearance, to developing with fragments and incorporating material design, along with multi-window support for Apps. He has published four apps on the Google Play Store, two open source Android libraries, and most recently he was a lab assistant at his University, where he assisted and assessed students in their Python and Java projects. Javon also ... more

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