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Group Policy: Troubleshooting

by Peter Grant

Group Policy is a powerful and essential feature set within Active Directory, yet when it goes wrong it can have wide-ranging implications. This course will teach you how to systematically troubleshoot the most complicated Group Policy issues, fast.

What you'll learn

Group Policy processing is at the heart of any Active Directory infrastructure. Knowing how to set it up is one thing, but being able to troubleshoot and resolve complex issues can really make you stand out from the crowd. In this course, you'll learn a three-phased, practical approach for methodically tackling any Group Policy problem. You'll start by looking at the 'obvious' problems and you'll learn where to start troubleshooting any issue. Next, you'll learn what the common infrastructure issues are and how to resolve them, and finally you'll gain a low level understanding of the Group Policy mechanics. By the end of this course, you will have learned more than just how to troubleshoot Group Policy; you'll have seen computers querying DNS for their domain controllers, you'll learn how to use tools such as LDP in order to look under the hood at the Group Policy Active Directory attributes, and you'll understand in more detail how Active Directory replication operates and how to fix it when it's broken. By using the methodology in this course combined with the deeper understanding of how group Policy works, you'll be able to solve the most complex issues, fast.

About the author

Peter is a technology enthusiast and has been immersed in IT ever since his days of programming 'Basic' on the Commodore 64. He has 20 years of professional experience supporting or architecting large and complex infrastructure environments for companies including Microsoft and various investment banks. Peter has a pragmatic view of IT and has spoken at Cloud conferences and written articles on IT strategy. Peter prides himself on being technical and hands-on whilst still being able to communica... more

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