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Hacking the User Experience / UX for Developers

by Keith Harvey

This course will teach you how to incrementally improve the user experience of your applications, by hacking your users' brains.

What you'll learn

Understanding User Experience (UX) and how to improve it is a key skill for any modern developer. Unfortunately, many developers have a difficult time embracing UX due to its nebulous and design-focused nature. This course will give you a super-simple, crystal-clear understanding of UX and will teach you how to incrementally improve it by hacking your users' brains. In the end, you will have the knowledge necessary to make you a better developer, and make you much more valuable in this new age of user experience.

About the author

Keith Harvey is a Software Architect and UX Visionary for Hexagon PPM. He has over 30 years experience designing and developing applications and architectures across many industries. Over the years, his love of making people happy and more productive has grown into a passion for creating great User Experiences (UX) across desktop, web, and mobile platforms.

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