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Hadoop for .NET Developers

by Elton Stoneman

Big Data is becoming part of every company, and Hadoop is the core technology for storing and accessing huge quantities of data. This course will teach you how to use Hadoop in the Microsoft world - running on Windows and using .NET to write queries.

What you'll learn

Big Data is an established discipline, and every company can benefit from storing and analyzing large amounts of data to improve their products and services. Hadoop is the key technology in Big Data, but it's too often seen as something which is only for Java and Linux people. This course, Hadoop for .NET Developers, will teach you how to use this key technology. First, you'll learn how to bring Hadoop into a Microsoft environment. You'll also discover how to run the services on Windows and create fast, understandable MapReduce queries in .NET using C#. The course takes a proof-of-concept approach, demonstrating how to evaluate Hadoop on Windows with .NET and .NET Core. By the end of the course, you'll be able to start your own Hadoop journey with confidence.

Table of contents

Course Overview

Course FAQ

What is Hadoop used for?

Hadoop is an open source platform for storing and processing huge quantities of data using a cluster of ordinary servers.

Who is this course for?

This Hadoop .NET course is designed for .NET and .NET Core developers who want to shift into big data.

What will I learn in this course?

We'll have an overview of Hadoop and see how the storage layer, HDFS, and the processing layer, YARN, work and how they work together to query terabytes of data.

What software is required?

This course will cover options for running Hadoop on Windows using Docker, and then with native Windows packages from Hortonworks and Syncfusion.

About the author

Elton is a 10-time Microsoft MVP, author, trainer and speaker. He spent most of his career as a consultant working in Microsoft technologies, architecting and delivering complex solutions for industry leaders. He has delivered APIs on Azure serving millions of clients daily, Big Data solutions processing billions of events weekly, and cutting-edge solutions powered by containers. Elton's experience with .NET goes from .NET 1.0 running on Windows Server, right up to .NET Core running on Linux. Wh... more

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