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Haskell Fundamentals Part 1

by Benson Joeris

Haskell Fundamentals Part 1 gets you started with Haskell; a unique, mature and powerful functional programming language.

What you'll learn

Do you want a more expressive and concise programming language? A language that catches more of your bugs at compile time, before they cause problems? A language with a fresh perspective that will change the way you think about programming? Meet Haskell! Haskell is an efficient and mature functional programming language that has, for the past quarter century, been pushing the boundaries of what a programming language can do. In this course you will learn the basics of Haskell, as well as some of the features that set Haskell apart from the multitude of other programming languages. No prior experience with functional programming is required for this course.

About the author

Benson fell in love with programming at 10 years old playing with Visual Basic. Since then he has worked with more languages and technologies than would fit here: everything from VHDL (hardware) to C#. He enjoys exploring innovative languages and technologies and discovering what new perspectives they can provide. He specializes in algorithms and functional programming, and is passionate about Haskell. Benson has a Master's degree from the University of Cambridge and is currently working on ... more

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