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HelloCash Fundamentals

by Gebeya Inc

Mobile wallets and online payments are becoming core parts of the online business experience This course will teach you how to build an application that accepts payment using Hellocash APIs.

What you'll learn

In Ethiopia, almost all businesses still use the traditional method of cash based transactions, but that method is slowly being replaced by technology-based financial services like HelloCash. In this course, HelloCash Fundamentals, you’ll learn to build an application that accepts payment using HelloCash. First, you’ll explore MobileWallet and what HelloCash is. Next, you’ll discover how to make use of the different operations that HelloCash API provides . Finally, you’ll learn how to build a real world application using HelloCash. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of the fundamentals of HelloCash needed to build an application that accepts payments.

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