Running Production Applications on Heroku

by Alex Korban

Heroku is a powerful platform-as-a-service for scalable applications and data storage. This course will teach you how to architect, deploy and run secure production applications on Heroku.

What you'll learn

Running a production application has many facets, from deployment setup to security. In this course, Running Production Applications on Heroku, you’ll learn to architect, deploy and run production applications on Heroku, while taking security into account. First, you’ll explore how to architect applications to leverage the strengths of the Heroku platform. Next, you’ll discover how to handle various deployment pathways and set up your applications for a production environment. Finally, you’ll learn how to set up applications and data stores on Heroku to be secure. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of the Heroku platform needed to handle a variety of production scenarios.

About the author

Alex Korban is an author and independent consultant with an interest in functional programming, databases, and geospatial applications. He's written several books about C++11 and C++14. Alex co-founded a company to visualize geospatial data for the heavy construction industry in order to improve safety and productivity when building highways, tunnels, and other infrastructure. Prior to that he worked on a wide range of software, such as early mobile applications, a flight simulator, and GPS-base... more

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