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HoloLens Development Fundamentals

by Lars Klint

Learn how to use gaze, gestures, voice, and audio to create an app that is immersive and engaging. Also, learn how to utilize the tooling to the best possible outcome. Software required: Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition, HoloLens Emulator.

What you'll learn

Follow along easily and get a great start to building your own apps. You don't even need a physical HoloLens device! In this course, HoloLens Development Fundamentals, you're going to be building a demo app that showcases the five main pillars of mixed reality experiences for HoloLens. First, you'll cover how to use gaze, gestures, and spatial mapping to manipulate a full 3D experience with natural interaction. Next, you'll learn how to create actions that handle basic or complex gestures, such as tap, navigate, or manipulate. Then, you'll discover how to design both voice commands and audio, and then implement them for your users to use. Finally, you'll go through how to take advantage of the holographic framework to implement both voice commands and spatial audio, with little effort, and bring your HoloLens app to life. By the end of this course, you'll have an understanding of what mixed reality apps are and how they are put together.

About the author

Lars is a Principal Magician with Arkahna, author, trainer, Microsoft MVP, community leader, aspiring Microsoft Azure expert and part time classic car collector. He is heavily involved in the space of cloud computing services, especially Azure, and is a published author, solution architect and writer for numerous publications. He has been a part of the software development community for the past 20 years and co-organises the DDD Melbourne community conference, organises developer events with Mic... more

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